Since furled leaders are created similar to a length of rope, they have little to no memory.This feature alone allows furled leaders to outperform other fly fishing leaders.

Furled Leaders don’t hold curves, bends, or coils so they need little to no straightening.This allows them to travel straighter, to improve accuracy.

They don’t coil up and create slack during pauses in the retrieval, so they are better at detecting light strikes.

Furled Leaders also create a soft natural presentation of the fly. Their flexible and supple nature leads to a soft, natural presentation, perfect for dry flies. Furled leaders can also be designed to have the power to turn over long tippets.

For large and bulky flies, you can beef up your furled leader design and turnover any fly.Use the furled leader customization chapter of this book to create the perfect presentation for you and your flies. People spend years perfecting fly recipes and designs, why neglect your fly presentation.