Furled leaders have many advantages when compared to other types of fly fishing leaders. Constructed similar to a length of rope, they are virtually memory free. This lack of memory means you never need to straighten them, they are more accurate and they help detect light strikes. Furled leader’s flexibility also gives them a soft natural presentation of the fly, while still having the power to turnover long tippets.

The best part is that you create furled leaders at home using roughly the same time and cost as tying a fly. Creating them yourself also gives you the ability to customize every aspect of your furled leaders.


Since furled leaders are created similar to a length of rope, they have little to no memory.This feature alone allows furled leaders to outperform other fly fishing leaders.


Furled Leaders don’t hold curves, bends, or coils so they need little to no straightening.This allows them to travel straighter, to improve accuracy.


They don’t coil up and create slack during pauses in the retrieval, so they are better at detecting light strikes.


Furled Leaders also create a soft natural presentation of the fly. Their flexible and supple nature leads to a soft, natural presentation, perfect for dry flies. Furled leaders can also be designed to have the power to turn over long tippets.


For large and bulky flies, you can beef up your furled leader design and turnover any fly.Use the furled leader customization chapter of this book to create the perfect presentation for you and your flies. People spend years perfecting fly recipes and designs, why neglect your fly presentation.


This book shows you a new revolutionary jig design that is both easy to build and easy to adjust and customize to any leader design. Unlike other jig, the jig components in our design are easily unbolt and moved around the jig giving you the freedom to create any type of furled leader you can imagine.


The techniques taught in this book, will also help you to optimize your furled leaders to Your specifications. Develop the perfect presentation for your dry flies and watch them land on the water like a feather. Lengthen your leaders to increase stealth.


Need more power, beef your furled leader and easily turnover flies the size of a mailbox. Need more power, beef your furled leader and easily turnover flies the size of a mailbox.


Create the perfect taper for your fishing style by learning to customize your furled leader’s:

  • Length

  • Diameter

  • Taper

  • Material

  • Stiffness

  • Create floating or sinking leaders

  • Create floating or sinking leaders

  • Use any color imaginable, from bright and flashy to subtle and stealthy

  • Even use multiple colors

With furled leaders the options are endless, unlike other fly fishing leaders. Chances are if you can dream it up, you can create it using the techniques in this book. So go crazy, create hundreds of them. One for every fishing situation. Trade them at fly tying shows, with friends, or use them as gifts. They are unique and everyone will want a couple. Even if you keep them for yourself, they will improve your fishing and save you money. Stop trying to find a leader that fits you, and start designing Your perfect furled leader today.


Save Money

Did you know that more than half of fly fishermen tie their own flies? This is because they can personalize their flies to their own requirements, while saving money.


So why not do the same with your fly fishing leaders? Especially since a furled leader takes about the same time and money to create as a hand tied fly.


Much like hand tied flies, they also outperform their store bought counterparts. This is because they are created to the highest standards, Yours.


While most of us don’t notice the cost of buying fly fishing leaders, their cost can really add up.


Nylon or Flurocarbon leaders range from $5-10 each, and quickly stretch and break. High quality Furled Leaders cost as much as $15 each.


This book will easily pay for itself after the second leader.  

In a short amount of time you will be able to create an unlimited supply and an unlimited variety of your own customized furled leaders.


So if you looking to add a new project to your fly tying, or if you want to improve your fishing, or if you just want to save some money, pick up this book today.Sign up now!